Books of the Bible Poster – Free Printable

Books of the Bible Poster - Free Printable

Kids are visual learners and this free resource from Children’s Ministry Deals will help them with almost any Bible lesson. They wanted to make something high quality to take to a printer or send to VistaPrint online to make a large poster that would be perfect to hang up in their Children’s Ministry.

With one glance they can figure out where the Bible story reference belongs in the scriptures. Every Sunday School classroom needs this poster on the wall, especially when teaching kids the memorize the books for the Bible.

It shows all the books from the Old & New Testament, accented in different colors by their divisions.

The picture shows an large format example hanging up at church. What a cool printable Books of the Bible display!

To download the high resolution version, use the links above and click ADD TO CART. Next you can CONTINUE TO PAYMENT method, but you won’t have to enter anything because it’s a free online poster and 100% free to download.

It will take a few minutes, but look for the email with your download file.


Author: Fred Parr

Fred is a minister and officiant for local wedding companies in Arizona

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