“Bible Walk” Kids Trivia Game for Sunday School


Hands down the best game at a church carnival is the Cake Walk. It takes no skill, other than walking, and you could walk away with a cake, cookies, brownies, etc. My kind of game. Now, what if we do that with Bible Trivia?

Lay out some numbers on the ground, play some music, and play. Have the kids walk around the numbers as the music plays. When the music stops, pull a number out of a bowl. The child standing on that number answers a Bible Trivia question. You can make the questions what ever you want. The questions could be about what you’ve been learning about, basic Bible questions, whatever!

This game could also be used to practice the books of the Bible. Simply write out the books of the Bible (Old Testament, New Testament, or both), and lay those down instead of the numbers. Then, in the bowl, instead of numbers, have the books of the Bible written on pieces of paper. When the music stops, pull a book of the Bible out of the bowl and that person gets to say their book of the Bible, along with the book that comes before it, as well as the book that comes after it.

This game is great! It’s simple to prepare, fun to play, and helps the kids review their Bible facts.


Author: Fred Parr

Fred is a minister and officiant for local wedding companies in Arizona

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