Children’s Ministry Facebook Group

Children’s Ministry Facebook Group

You don’t have to be alone in children’s ministry….

Today I’m recommending the 100% free  Children’s Ministry group on Facebook. It’s a hassle free place to share ideas, ask questions, and connect with other leaders serving in kids ministry. That includes Sunday School Teachers, church staff, even nursery volunteers.

Facebook-GroupIt’s a totally free way to get advice and instant feedback,  simply join the “Children’s Pastors Only” group on Facebook. This is the largest group of it’s kind and they have moderators to keep promotional stuff from flooding your timeline.

It’s all about community for people like us – dedicated to telling kids about Jesus. If you’re involved in ministry to children, this place is for you.

It’s a closed group, so it means you have to request to join, and then usually within a day or two an administrator will approve you. Over 14,000 people are already part of this group, and the administrators do a really great job at keeping the group super focused on Children’s Ministry related topics. This group was started by Children’s Ministry Deals, as a way to help connect people serving in our ministry.

Personally, I’ve seen so many great ideas, encouraging posts, and great conversations about ministry struggles. I wish this online resource was there when I started as a kids pastor. The group started to explode once it was launched, and continues to grow every week…probably since they spend a lot of time keeping the group free from spam and clutter, so people seem to really like that. If you have a question or need help, then this group is definitely for you.


Author: Fred Parr

Fred is a minister and officiant for local wedding companies in Arizona

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