Fall is The Best Time of Year To Explore Sedona Arizona

Late September, October and November are by far the most popular months to visit Sedona, AZ!  

fall-2-2Hiking West Fork Trail
Fall in ArizonaWhen it comes to Fall hikes in the Sedona, Arizona area an all time favorite hike would have to be the West Fork Trail in Oak Creek Canyon. Fall is the most popular time of year to take this hike when the beautiful red rocks and clear blue skies serves as the perfect backdrop for the vibrant fall foliage in Oak Creek Canyon, but there is no bad time of year to enjoy this hike. This three mile hike takes you into the beautiful Canyon and stays fairly level and near the creek. You will however benefit from wearing a good pair of hiking boots. There are tree roots that you can easily trip over if you are not paying attention to were you are walking and keep in mind that there are place where you will be crossing the stream. This is one of the most popular hikes in Arizona and can be extremely busy. I would recommend either going in the early morning or during the week…read more

Out of Africa Wildlife ParkOut of Africa wildlife Park
Out of Africa Wildlife Park locate 30 minutes from Sedona in Camp Verde, Arizona is the ultimate wildlife experience! The cooler fall temperatures really give you and your family a chance to enjoy all the fun, exciting and educational attractions at the park such as Wildlife Preserve, Tiger Splash, African Bush Safari, Giant Snake Show, Wonders of the Wildlife Show and Predator Feed. With all the great attractions offered we highly suggest allowing at least four hours to experience all the Park’s adventures. If you will be staying at our hotel and are interested in visiting the wildlife park make sure to check out our “Out of Africa Adventure” vacation package.

Visiting National Monuments and Historical SitesMontezuma Castle National Monument 2
The Verde River Valley and Sedona area is rich with history from Native American history, especially the history of the Sinagua culture, to the Pioneers of Sedona. You will find many places to explore and ignite the imagination of yourself and your children. You will find everything from an amazing five-story cliff dwelling, well preserved petroglyph sites, to a self-guided trail exploring a variety of volcanic formations. Make sure to check out our guide to Ancient Ruins, Historical Sites and National Monuments in Northern Arizona.

Sedona Red Rock Tours (Private Tours)
This fall could be one of the best times of year to experience Sedona Tours famous “Sedona Vortex Tour”!  Sedona Red Rock Tours gives you a first-hand experience of vortex energy where you will immerse yourself in this powerful gift of nature and learn how to harness the energy to experience real transformation in your life.  We will teach you all about Vortex energy and how to experience it for yourself. Checkout of the best Sedona Tours in town!

2016 September Guided Hikes and Events at Red Rock State Park

Red Rock State Park

The summer months have come to an end and fall is moving in to the majestic red rocks of Sedona, AZ. This month Red Rock State Park will be offering a Guided Moonlight hike followed by time with the Astronomers of the Verde Valley for moon viewing. They are also hosting a wonderful event that follows the Monarch Migrations through Red Rock State Park. As always their Wednesday and Saturday Bird Walks and their daily Guided Nature Walks will also be taking place. Have a wonderful September and enjoy your time exploring the beauty of Sedona, Arizona at Red Rock State Park!


Red Rock State Park – Guided Bird Walk
Every Wednesday and Saturday (8:00 am)
Included with park entrance fees

Daily Nature Walk
Every Day at 9:00 am in September
Included with park entrance fees

Red Rock State Park
Guided Sedona Full Moon Hike
September 16th, 2016 (5:30 pm)
$5.00 reservation fee in addition to the regular entrance fees

Following the Monarch Migration
Red Rock State Park with Gail Morris
September 25th, 2016 (9:00 am)

Red Rock State Park Sunday Lecture
Nature & Technology: Friends or Foes?
September 25th, 2016 (1:00 pm)
Program Included with Park Fees

For more information please visit Red Rock State Park.


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Author: Fred Parr

Fred is a minister and officiant for local wedding companies in Arizona

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